Wreath & Name board

Burlap & Blossoms – DIY Simple Wreath 

When I moved into our new home at Stanford, I was super excited. Super excited ‘cos I moved to California? Well, YES. But what was more thrilling was to design our new home. The first thing that came to my mind was a name board. I always loved the concept of designing & crafting name boards. It always brings a sweet smile on my husband’s face. He says ‘It reminds me that I’ve had a long hectic day and it’s always good to be back HOME, back to where my family is, back to where I always want to be all the time’. Isn’t that awesome!?!

But this time, the creative me wanted to do something different. I’ve always wanted to make a wreath and suddenly I go like- Why not, a wreath and a name board? And this is what I came up with…What do u’ll think?


I ordered this kit from stampinup.com, got the wood cut letters from a local craft store and it turned out more than what I expected it would be. I simply love it. It’s so easy, that if I wouldn’t have got the kit, I’m sure I would have just followed the instruction in this video below and would have done it.

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Adios for now 🙂


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