Cooking Competition – Puchka Fillings and Thai Curry

I recently attended a cookery show in my city, got quite a lot to see and learn over there. I loved the way people were helping each other inspite of knowing that it’s a competition, the way my hubby took care of my daughter (running behind her in the entire hall) so that I could take part uninterrupted, the way people presented their dishes, the way they converted simple everyday dishes into Masterchef dishes! Yes, I learnt that simplicity actually is the best. I also saw a Taj Mahal made purely out of white chocolate without using any ‘Taj Mahal’ mould, and I shall try it soon and let you also know how to make it once I’m successful at it ;-). I made these Puchka Fillings and Thai Curry and Rice, and was well appreciated by quite a lot of people:). Try these, and do let me know if you appreciate them too!!

Puchka fillings and thai curry

This is me working at my table:)

Me at the table!


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