Simple Stamped Handmade Card!

I have been crafting for a long long time. When I shifted to the US, I started exploring into the world of paper crafts as the supplies you get here are so overwhelming with endless choices. I decided to take up some stamping classes to get started and learn the usage of different types of ink pads, varieties of card stock, stamps, etc..Then I started designing my own series of stamped cards, stamped coasters, gift boxes etc…

Here is one example of a Simple card I recently made for my loving husband.image

For this, I used:

  • 51/2 inches by 81/2 inches White card stock
  • Background stamp
  • Flower punch
  • Leaves punch
  • Different color ink pads
  • Versa Fine black ink pad for the sentiments
  • Circle sparkly stickers for the flowers.
  • Rubber Stamps

And voila !!

What do you all think?!

This is just an idea/inspiration for the different kinds of cards you can actually design all by yourself. No gift is as special as it being handmade and totally unique! Isn’t it?

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Happy crafting !


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