About us

Bonded by blood, separated by distance, yet together by sisterhood and talent, this defines US!

Neha Jain:

A graduate, a freelance writer, mother of a toddler (the toughest task, phew!), I am also passionaNeha Jainte about travelling, cooking, crafts, and kids!! My husband calls me the “experimentor” and himself the lucky “guinea pig” for all the new recipes I invent and the dishes I keep trying out each day! Lucky, of course, ‘cos 7 out of 10 cooking experiments turn out good!! I love him for the fact that he doesn’t mind my trials and errors, and that he loves to decorate the house with creative stuff made by me!

So here I am, with a small attempt to bring to you all the age-old grandmothers recipes passed on to me by my mother in yellow pages (ah! the smell of the pages of these books is any day better to reading an e-book!), my new try-outs with the cuisines, crafts my sis and me have been doing, my success, mistakes and learning’s as a mother, and much more crazy stuff I’d love to just share with all of you 🙂

Harsha Jain:

Graduated as a computer engineer, happily married to a nerdy yet truly crazy grad student, cHarsha Jainurrently residing at Stanford, California. Crafting, cooking and all the creativity came to me by heredity..Haha, I know it’s not something you can quite literally pass onto your kids, but I owe all this to my Mom. She was the one who introduced me to the world of Arts & Crafts and helped me explore and experiment, even if the end result was a DISASTER 😉

 A freelance graphic designer, an avid ‘crafter’, an experimental cooking genius (I like to call myself that), Blogging helps me build connections during a time of transition and it also challenges me to be a better wife, friend, and dig through my creative soul. It drives me. It nourishes something important. I’m here to share my craziness with all of you creative-minded and inspiring women and am glad you could join us 🙂

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