How to find the Perfect Foundation!

Hello everyone,

Ever found yourself lost and confused when it comes to buying the perfect foundation and yet affordable? If yes, you are at the right place.  Come get all your answers in this quick tutorial we have put up for you to make these major life decisions easier! 😉

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Stay happy, stay beautiful !


How to choose ‘the perfect’ Lipstick!

Hey lovelies!!

Lipstick, like clothing, has become seasonless- matching your own coloring is the goal now for the most of us!!

Have you had trouble choosing the right lipstick shade for your specific skin tone? I’ve always been overwhelmed with the enormous variety of shades available in the market today & have always wanted to try them all ! Haha 😉 As a result, I ended up buying a lot of them and when I actually had to put it on, it just doesn’t work!  They simple lie in my makeup bag and eventually I end up trashing it or giving it to my mom! What a shame right!?

To avoid all this and help choose the right shade, we have come up with these tips and ideas that will help you all make a better decision. Also, end up saving money right?

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‘Feel’ beautiful!