Make up – Summer tips/hacks

Hey Guys,

Its summer, yipppeee 🙂

Beach vacations, swimming, surfing and all kinda fun things will be on your agenda, I bet. And who doesn’t wanna look hot and beautiful at the same time. We have a few tips/hacks that we would like to share with all your lovely ladies out there to help protect your skin and at the same time look glamorous this summer!

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Different nozzles to frost cup cakes!

I love baking. And who doesn’t like cupcakes with beautiful varieties of frosting. This is a post I stumbled upon in Pinterest and thought it will be really useful !! I’m not too sure who is the right owner of this post, but I thought it’s something worth sharing 🙂 thanks to the owner – for sharing this wonderful pic with all of us !!

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Happy baking 🙂